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wow gold power leveling world of warcraft

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$39.99=10,000 Gold

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wow gold power leveling world of warcraft
WOW Gold Power Leveling
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WOW Gold USA Servers


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World of Warcraft USA - Gold [All Servers]

10,000 WOW Gold -  $ 39.99 - World of Warcraft Gold ( For ALL USA Servers )

24/7 Instant Delivery Lowest Price Ever

We are in California, USA. We've served over 4000 different WOW players since November, 2004. Over 99% of our customers come back for additional services. Let us serve you. You'll love what we can offer.

Please remember to include the following information with Paypal note. (To ensure fastest delivery please attach your server name, char name, Alliance/Horde to your PayPal note.)( For some new servers and hot servers, we need more days to deliver, and gold will be send by in game mail. For order above 2000 Gold, we need more than 1 week to do the delivery.)

* Server Name
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* Phone number (required)

Usually we do 24/7 instant delivery so please stay in game waiting for us to contact you. With fast and courteous service, your gaming needs can be satisfied any time of the day. The gold should be in your in-game mailbox a few hours after we received your payment.

Other Payment Options:

Other than Paypal, we also welcome payment from money order, check, Western Union or MoneyGram money transfer, and we are happy to accept credit cards.

1. Money order or Check payment

To send a payment via money order, simply go to your bank or post office and request a money order for the necessary amount. Mail the money order to the following address along with your name, contact information, your email, phone number, your character's server, character's name, faction, and brief details you ordered.

Payable to: American Borch Group, Inc.

American Borch Group, Inc.
PO Box 2331
Union City, CA 94587

2. For other payment method, please email us for details.


WOW Gold farming 101

By Bill Hutchens:

Step 1: Play a “massively multiplayer” online game on your computer. The most popular these days is World of WarCraft, a role-playing game, or “MMORPG.” In WoW, hundreds of players can log in to the same server, or “realm,” for simultaneous adventuring. There are hundreds of WoW realms all over the world, and more than 5 million people pay monthly subscriptions to play the game.

Step 2: Slay some enemies (also called “mobs”). When you do, you can loot their corpses for items you can later sell to a computer-controlled merchant. In WoW, if you slay a bear, for instance, click on its corpse and you might see a column of icons representing teeth, fur, meat, claws, etc. Click the icons to add them to your inventory. Some enemies yield, or “drop,” weapons and armor as well as copper, silver or gold coins.

Step 3: In WoW, players can carry as many as five backpacks, each with more than a dozen “slots,” or spots for loot icons. When your packs are full, head to a town or city and find a computer-controlled merchant.

Step 4: Click on the merchant and then click on your backpacks to open them. Click on the icons in your backpack to sell them to the vendor, who will give you coins.

Step 5: Slay, loot and sell about a million times.

Step 6: While you’re out slaying enemies, keep an eye out for rare items. These can be weapons, armor, trinkets or even crafting patterns that other players might want. You can tell how valuable an item is by looking at the color of its name. Green items are “uncommon,” blue items are “rare,” and purple items are “epic.” In most parts of the virtual world, epic items don’t drop very often.

Step 7: If you get some of these green, blue or purple drops, put them up for sale for gold on the in-game auction house. Sometimes epic items are sold for real money in online marketplaces such as eBay or

Step 8: When you have collected about 1,000 pieces of gold (that can take many days of nonstop killing, looting and selling), put it up for sale on eBay, or some other online marketplace.

Step 9: Here’s how the sale goes on eBay, for example: Someone who plays in the same realm as you wants to buy your 1,000 pieces of gold. He has a winning bid of $75, and the cash moves from their credit card to your account. You arrange to meet him in the game and give him your gold. WoW also has an in-game mail system for sending notes, gold and items to other players.

Step 10: Repeat this process 100,000 times. Or, as some have done, open a factory in China, and pay 100 people a few U.S. dollars per month to do it for you. GLOSSARY

Blizzard: The game development studio that makes World of WarCraft (WoW)

Bot: Short for “farmbot,” a playable game character programmed to automatically slay enemies and loot their corpses. Creating bots usually involves hacking, a practice most game companies do not endorse.

Drop: Noun: A single piece of loot. Verb: To appear, as sellable items do, in a loot window when a player clicks on the corpse of a slain enemy.

Goldfarmer: Or “farmer,” one who plays a MMORPG solely for the purpose of harvesting and selling loot, accumulating gold and then selling that virtual gold for real money in online marketplaces such as

Loot: Noun: The items that drop from slain enemies. These can be common items such as pelts or cloth to more valuable items such as armor or weapons. Verb: To take dropped items.

Loot window: The window that pops up when a player clicks on a slain enemy. The loot window displays the items (as icons) that can be looted from an enemy’s corpse. Looted items are added to a player’s personal inventory.

MMOG: Massively multiplayer online game, a game played simultaneously by hundreds or thousands of players

MMORPG: Massively multiplayer online role-playing game, a MMOG that focuses more on fantasy role-playing and adventuring than, say, World War II shooting action or the re-creation of battles from ancient history.

Mobs: Computer controlled enemies. In WoW, mobs are a mix of common animals, fantasy creatures and monsters and human or humanoid foes.

Ninja: A player who, when grouped with other players, steals loot from the corpses of cooperatively slain enemies instead of waiting to divide it fairly.

Ninja Farmer: A player who, when grouped with other players, steals loot with the intent to sell it.

Thottbot: A Web site that categorizes and cross-references the loot dropped by WoW enemies. Thottbot also gives rough estimates (percentages) as to the chance that particular items might drop from particular mobs.

Vivendi Universal: The publisher of WoW

WoW: World of WarCraft, the current top MMORPG with more than 5 million players worldwide


wow gold power leveling world of warcraft




wow gold power leveling world of warcraftwow gold power leveling world of warcraft   

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