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 Vanguard Power Level Level 1-50     $699.99

 Full Time Service, regularly in 30-40 days



 Vanguard Power Level Level 1-40     $399.99

 Full Time Service, regularly in 20-30 days



 Vanguard Power Level Level 1-30     $299.99

 Full Time Service, regularly in 10-15 days



 Vanguard Power Level Level 1-20     $269.99

 Full Time Service, regularly in 5-7 days



 Vanguard Power Level Level 1-10     $ 49.99

 Full Time Service, regularly in 2-3 days



 Vanguard Power Level Level 10-20   $239.99

 Full Time Service, regularly in 4-6 days



 Vanguard Power Level Level 20-30   $299.99

 Full Time Service, regularly in 10-15 days



 Vanguard Power Level Level 30-40   $399.99

 Full Time Service, regularly in 12-16 days



Vanguard Power Leveling Monthly Plan $599.99

Part-Time service, we will play your account 12 hours per day for 30 days. Everyday the same schedule, and please use Pacific Standard Time.



 Vanguard Power Leveling Weekly Plan $199.99

Full Time Service. Our best leveler will play your account 24/7 non-stop for 7 days.



 Vanguard Power Leveling 3 Days Plan -  $99.99

Full Time Service. Our best leveler will play your account 24/7 non-stop for 3 days.



Vanguard Power Level Part-Time 9 Days


Part-Time Service for 9 Days. Our best leveler will play your account 12 hours per day for 9 days. Everyday the same schedule, and please use Pacific Standard Time.



 Vanguard Power Level Part-Time 7 Days


Part-Time Service for 7 Days. Our best leveler will play your account 12 hours per day for 7 days. Everyday the same schedule, and please use Pacific Standard Time.


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We are in Fremont, California 94536, USA.

We've leveled over 4000 different MMO accounts

since November, 2004
Over 99% of our customers come back for additional services
Let us serve you. You'll love what we can offer.

Vanguard -  Vanguard Power Leveling

For All Server: Aege, Alps, Athens, Babel, Greece, Oasis, Olympus, Troy, Venice, Xian

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Vanguard Gold Platinum, Plat, and money
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* Server Name
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Please contact us when you are online and ready to pick up.

Usually we do 24/7 instant delivery so please stay in game waiting for us to contact you. With fast and courteous service, your gaming needs can be satisfied any time of the day. The gold should be in your in-game mailbox a few hours after we received your payment.

Other Payment Options:

Other than Paypal, we also welcome payment from money order, check, Western Union or MoneyGram money transfer, and we are happy to accept credit cards.

1. Money order or Check payment

To send a payment via money order, simply go to your bank or post office and request a money order for the necessary amount. Mail the money order to the following address along with your name, contact information, your email, phone number, your character's server, character's name, faction, and brief details you ordered.

Payable to: American Borch F & T Group, Inc.

American Borch F & T Group, Inc.
PO Box 2331
Union City, CA 94587

2. Western Union or MoneyGram Payment

To send an order via Western Union or MoneyGram, simply go to or and find a local agents near your location. Most of the Walmart Stores in the USA have MoneyGram services. Please make payable to:

Kun Hu
PO Box 2331
Union City, CA 94587
Phone: 888-331-3766

After you've sent your payment, please email us your name, address, phone number, money control number, and your account information to us. After we receive it, we will send a confirmation email back to you with your Order Number.

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FAX Number: (510) 494 -1858

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1. A brief description of the order.
2. The amount you are authorizing to be charged.
3. The 16 digit credit card number.
4. The expiry date for the credit card.
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6. The billing address and zip/postal code.
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8. The 3 digit CCV/Security code from the back of your credit card.
9. The signature of the cardholder.

Please make sure that all information is legible. The fax is only viewed by the person processing your order.

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We Only Ship to Paypal Confirmed & Verified Address. No exception, sorry. Money Order, Check and Western Union money transfer is welcomed for both US and international buyers. For non-US buyers, Money order and Western Union Money transfer ONLY. Thanks


About Vanguard Power Leveling Service

Vanguard Power Leveling is most frequently used in multiplayer games, where it usually refers to a player that is of much greater power assisting a player of much lower power in defeating enemies that are far too powerful for the low level player, but are easily and quickly killed by the more powerful player. Defeating high level challenges rewards the lower level player with experience points more rapidly than normal.

In Vanguard Powerleveling or Vanguard Power Leveling has become so popular for players looking to quickly advance through the lower and not very exciting levels of the game that a number of profession gaming companies have set up powerleveling or power leveling services.

One of the Most reliable and honest Power Leveling sellers is

These companies, for a fee will help you enhance your Vanguard character. They log into your Vanguard account and play your Vanguard character either for a certain amount of time or until a certain level or objective is achieved. While you character is being leveled you are required not to login to your account. Most offer the following power leveling (powerleveling) services:

  • Customized Packages, you specific what type of character development you are looking for and work with the company to create a package. Usually more expense then pre-defined options.

  • Part Time development, this is done over a set number of hours - 6,12,24,36, or 48. A professional gamer players your character for this set amount of time.

  • Specific development from one level to a higher level. e.g. From level 20 up to 40. You pay a set amount of money for this service and it is done over time, usually with a guaranteed maximum time limited to archive the desired level.

  • Professions development, from Mining to Blacksmithing.

  • Increase your Honor Kills for PvP & PvE servers.

  • DO's & DON'Ts When Buying World of Warcraft Power Leveling Services

When looking for a Vanguard power leveling (powerleveling) service make sure they DO NOT have your character do any of the following: employed in Player-Killing, Kill-Stealing, hoarding of farming locations, or any other despicable in-game behavior.

DO make sure they following this: No macros, dupes, game bug exploits, and other such fraudulent methods will never be used. In short, your character will be leveled the safest way possible: by going through the grind.

Where to Buy Vanguard Powerleveling Services

While their are numerous companies advertising their power leveling (powerleveling) services the only one I recommend is

Visit us today if you want a honest, reliable power leveling seller.

Players Reviews for Vanguard Online

This game had potential to drag my away from wow. It looks so cool and seems like a better game overall. A more hardcore mmo, with mounts at early lvls, which is great. But as others have said, u need an amazing computer to run this thing, 17 frekin gbs, its insane, wow is only around 6. Error, video card doesnt meet the specs, thats what it told me, i was so pissed off. Spent 50 dollars, set up account and subscription, and it doesnt work. My computer has run every game ive tried, company of heroes works, just not great, and that looks much better than vanguard. Runs wow without a problem. I dont understand why the specs are so high, i gave my friend a free 10 day trial, who has an ati video card, doesnt look great, and a bunch of lag. Plus early on its easier to lvl than wow, my friend got to lvl 5 with a little over an hour. Its probably fun once you get a mount, but I cant even give it a try, so for now, im stickin with wow.

Nobody can screw up a highly anticipated launch like SOE.

I got my copy of Vanguard on launch day but during installation found that my dvd drive could not read any content on disc 2. Several people on the V:SoH tech support forums reported similar problems and the immediate "quick" fix was to install what you could from disc 1 and download the rest. The natural assumption being that the data on disc 2 was corrupted or the disc was shipped blank.

There really is no way to quickly download 8 gigabytes of data.

So after 12 hours spent downloading less than 20% of the data I needed, I decided to bite the bullet and pick up another copy. I intended to open a second account for my kids anyway and I hoped that I would be able to load the rest of the software from disc and spare myself 2 more days of agonizingly slow download time.

No such luck. Disc 2 from the new copy still would not read. I ended up spending 2 days downloading the game and for my initial investment, I came away with 2 maps, 2 instruction manuals and 4 matching Vanguard: Saga of Heros coasters. Not a good way to start.

My home PC system is several years old, but I've invested time and money into keeping it up to date. I sport a 3.2ghz Pentium, 2 gigs of RAM, a 256mb 6200 OC Nvidia card and more hard drive space than I'll ever use. Unfortunately it was not enough. I had to download two different versions of Directx 9.0c (FYI, go with the October 2006 version) to even get the game to launch and then I had to download OLD graphics card drivers (NVidia 84.12 if memory serves) to make it playable. So after two days of downloading content, I had to spend another 3 hours download downloading peripheral stuff to make that content playable. Not a good start.

IF and when you are able to get this game to launch, you'll find the inital stages of this game to be surprisingly entertaining. The scenery is breathtaking, although it should be noted than I am an 8 year UO doesnt take much graphical eye candy to impress me. Unless you have absolute top notch hardware, expect to have to turn graphics options way down to get a reasonably playable frame rate. As several other reviewers have noted, to world is massive, but although server populations are said to be 'high' you dont see many large groups of players because they're spread out all over the place. Progression in the early stages is fast if you advance by questing, but slow if you do so by grinding. Early quests seem designed to allow the new player to learn the basics (movement, basic fighting techniques, etc) through trial and error without forcing you through tedious tutorials. Your choice of professions is influenced by your chosen race and it makes sense, so dont go into the game hoping to carve your niche as an orcish paladin or you will come away disappointed.

I havent even touched the crafting system in game yet, or the highly touted diplomay system, so I wont mention those except to say that from what I've heard, each is nearly a game in itself. I had hoped to be to that point in game by now, but I started out three days behind the curve. For that alone, I take away two stars over all. The game will be fun for a while, but make this purchase keeping in mind what I said at the top: nobody can screw up a launch like SoE.

Ok, this game wasn't ready to release yet. We know that. There are a lot of bugs that are annoying that are being worked on. There comes a point in game's developent that the higer-ups say we need to release this game to replenish funds. That is fine, again, Sigil and SOE are in the business to make money. Every MMO that has ever been released had bugs. Even with the annoying bugs and occasionally boots to desktop, I still play. Why? Because this game is fun, and here is why.

The game is huge. 3 starting continents that blow away the size of any MMO to date. This makes traveling and exploring fun. This also spreads out the people on the server so pretty much you can have multiple groups in the same dungeon at the same time and not even know it. Unilke EQ2 there are lots of options to do at any level. There are lots of dungeons and camps for soloers, small groups, and well-equipped groups. If you are sick of going to the same ones, there are always 2 more huge continents to try.

The game supports lots of play styles. The crafting and diplomacy aspects of the game are fun and challenging. If you are a solo player you can still get nice gear and do lots of things. The game also supports small and full 6 man groups. I have not had the opportunity to raid as of yet, so I cannot comment on that aspect. Fighting takes thought and patience and is more that pressing a few buttons over and over.

The graphics are not mind blowing and are comparable to EQ2. The views I would say at some points are much nicer than EQ2. Music is average which doesn't bother me since I usually turn it off or play my own anyways. Overall, the thing that I like about this game is the potential. Once the bugs are worked out and the world is filled, this will be one of the best. So far it does remind me of the orignal in EQ in that dying is no fun, corpse retrieval is challenging, and you are just a small part of a huge world.

Vanguard: SOH is excellent, even though it was admittedly released a bit early. I was a beta tester since Beta 3 and the changes to the game since are simply amazing. A large, expansive, beautiful, and difficult world that is truly the spiritual successor to Everquest, with a bit of the accessibility of World of Warcraft thrown in. For lots of people this will be exactly what they are looking for out of the box. If you are hesitant, give Sigil another few months to iron out the rough edges.

The graphics are suberb - a sense of scale and "place" that haven't been seen since the original EQ and its great early expansions such as Scars of Velious.

The dynamic music - half a gig's worth - is the best I've ever heard in any video game, full stop.

The classes are not revolutionary, but are quite evolutionary, taking the best concepts from previous games. Playing a healer has never been this interesting before, but almost all the classes are different and fun to play.

The diplomacy sphere is revolutionary - interact with NPCs to influence cities and people.

Performance - it doesn't take a supercomputer to run, *but* you should have a decent video card purchased within the past two years or so, 1.5 gigs ram, and a 7200 RPM hard drive.

Vanguard marks a possible shift of the pendulum to the slower, richer games of the "golden age" first generation MMO's, with some of the accessibility of the second generation (WoW / EQ2), but with the graphical splendor and successful "mixing" of new and old elements that does qualify it as truly third generation. Also, you've got the most dedicated set of "all-star" developers in the industry. Finally, a true "AAA" alternative to World of Warcraft (a very good, but very different, game than this). It does not yet have the fluff polish of WoW, but this is being improved upon day by day and the core engine, gameplay, and graphics are all far superior.

Basically, if you were a fan of the original EQ (like me), you will probably love VG. If you thought EQ2 was too easy or restrictive, this is the game for you. If you have gotten tired of WoW and are looking for something different and more challenging in certain ways, take a look at VG but make sure your system is up to spec.

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