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AOC power leveling service Age of conan

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Age of conan -AOC Power Leveling Service - Full Time-



We are in California, USA.

We've leveled over 4000 different accounts since November, 2004
Over 99% of our customers come back for additional services
Let us serve you. You'll love what we can offer.


All power leveling packages are for both AOC USA and EU servers.


AOC Age of conan Power Leveling Level 1 - 80 -  $599.99

Regularly in 8-16 days

AOC Age of conan Power Leveling Level 1 - 70 -  $499.99

Regularly in 7-14 days

AOC Age of conan Power Leveling Level 1 - 60 -  $299.99

Regularly in 6-12 days

AOC Age of conan Power Leveling Level 1 - 50 -  $199.99

Regularly in 5-10 days


AOC Age of conan Power Leveling Level 1 - 40  -  $99.99

Regularly in 4-8 Days



AOC Age of conan Power Leveling Level 1 - 30  -  $59.99

Regularly in 3-5 Days




AOC Age of Conan Power Leveling Level 1 - 20  -  $29.99

Regularly in 1-3 days


**Limit Rights Reserved. Fist come first serve.



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AOC power leveling service Age of conan



wow gold power leveling world of warcraft
WOW Gold Power Leveling
Call us 1-888-331-3766

24/7 Non-Stop! - 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!

We are in California 94536, USA.  We provide the lowest price and the best service in the USA market, and we do price match. We will beat any price of any USA based website.

(Don't be fooled by websites from China, they use BOT to level your character and that's risky for your account. )

We use real players ( WOW Power Leveler ) to level your character, ALL HAND MADE. Your account will be safe and secure, GUARANTEED.

You must accept the following Terms.

After the powerleveling has been marked "completed" it is your responsibility to change your password. We are not liable for any activities regarding the account after powerleveling has been completed.

If you have any extremely valuable items, please transfer them to another character or account. We cannot be held liable for any items or gold that goes missing during the powerleveling process.

For security purposes, we do not level your account more than 12-16 hours a day.

If you would like to see the level of your character you can login to the wow forums ( This will show you the level the character was when the powerleveler last logged out. If the level displayed on the forums seems incorrect, check your "paid character transfer" area of your account management. This usually displays more accurate character information.

Please refrain from logging into the account to check on your character. This can only be detrimental to the leveling process because it can slow down our levelers, put your account at risk due to multiple IPs in a short period, and create account access struggles between you and the leveler.

If you have any further questions regarding the powerleveling process please direct them to the message center on the web page. The message center can be found in your Control Panel under the Support category.

IMPORTANT: for World of Warcraft accounts

By ordering our powerleveling services, you understand that you are breaking your Terms of Service with Blizzard Entertainment and thus may be subject to account bans. In the case that your account is banned, we cannot be held liable or issue a refund. While we take every precaution to protect your account from this, Blizzard will track IP addresses and utilize other tools like Warden to detect powerleveling services. These are outside phenomenon that are beyond our control. However, please understand that we have leveled thousands upon thousands of accounts without any difficulties or negative impacts and utilize every resource we can to protect your account. After dealing with so many accounts, we are also quite familiar with Blizzard, their procedures, and what keeps your account safe from them.

To further protect yourself from bans when utilizing our services, be sure to:

A) alert your friends and guild that another player (perhaps a friend or family member,) will be using your account, so they will not report your account as stolen if they deem the play behavior to differ from yours;

B) refrain from logging into the account, since Blizzard tracks IP address behaviors and will notice several different IPs accessing the account in a short period of time; and

C) use a new account and transfer the character after the leveling is over, to keep your existing and hard-earned characters intact if your account does fall victim to Blizzard's tracking.

Please feel free to contact us @

Track your order status here

Our 24/7 power leveling service can help you achieve your dream character in record time. Bypass the inevitable level grind that can eat your time for months and let our network of professional partners provide your character the individual attention that will allow for a quick and pleasant leveling experience.

Our service will level your character from 1 - 60 within 15 days
( for Basic 1-60 ).

We will need you to provide us with a login and password to an account that belongs to you, with a level 1 character created by you, which we will be able to use for a full 15 days (if you are planning to play your main character as well, it is advised that you register another account for this powerleveling service. It is more expensive to maintain 2 accounts, but you may be able to play the 2 characters at once in the future.)

We try very hard to meet our deadlines and you should have your character done within 15 days ( for Basic 1-60 ). Please refrain from logging on your account during the leveling period; if we are not able to log on, we may not be able to guarantee the 15 days timeline to complete the project.

About Our Service

We don't just provide you with a bare bones leveling service. You will receive the benefits of the way we level your character, and everything we leave on it. We also maintain extreme confidentiality when dealing your username and password.

With that, our professionals will conduct themselves in a kind, ethical, and morally responsible manner while leveling your character. We do not use hacks, bugs or exploits whatsoever. All leveling is done in the best and most legitimate way; the old fashioned way.

Below are some of the guidelines as to which we follow:

We Will:
Participate in quests relevant to your character
Leave all items found on your character on your account
Keep your login details under strict confidentiality
Highly respect the game and those that are encountered while leveling

We Will Never:
Talk to random players in game
Participate in Dishonorable PvP kills
Hoard farming locations
Sell any gear or gold already on your account


Confidentiality is something we take very seriously. We go through great lengths to ensure that your information is safe at all times. Our state-of-the-art leveling system allows us to make sure that your login details are only being seen by the person leveling your character.

Keep in mind that you are only offering us your game ID and your password. In order to take over full ownership of an account you need to have information such as the Master ID, password, date of birth, and some original credit card information. Rest assured that at all times you still possess 100% control over your account. Confidentiality is one of the reasons why people choose us over others.


Step by Step

1) Purchase this item

2) Please include your account name, password, server name, character name, faction (A or H), class, and any of your special requirements in the Paypal payment note or send the information to us by email to

*Please note* - it is very important that our customers refrain from logging in to the game during the leveling process. This slows down the leveling process which can lead to delayed service.

Customers who persistently log into the game during leveling will no longer be eligible for the 15 day guarantee and their password may be temporarily changed in order to finish leveling in a timely manor.

*We will start PowerLeveling your character within 24 hours after the order has been verified.

3) To check your character's status, simply visit the official World of Warcraft forum and login. Upon login your character's avatars along with their current level will be displayed. This is an easy way for you to check the status of your character any time of the day!

4) Enjoy your new, powerful, level 60 character!

SUPPORT QUESTION: Please contact
for all questions regarding powerleveling.

Tracking Your Power Level Status

Visit our message boards to view the status of your power leveling. Track your orders here.

Account Safety

We rely upon strictly enforced internal policies to safeguard our customer's game accounts. Every single character is leveled by a master player that always conducts himself in an ethical and friendly manner while in game. Your character will not be employed in Player-Killing, Kill-Stealing, hoarding of farming locations, or any other despicable in-game behavior. It goes without saying that macros, dupes, game bug exploits, and other such fraudulent methods will never be used. In short, your character will be leveled the safest way possible: by going through the grind.

Account Security

We understand that you may be nervous about letting us access your game account while power leveling your character. Game account theft is a very real problem, so we take the security of our customers' game accounts very seriously. In addition to giving our customers a satisfying gaming experience, we at wish to perpetuate our esteemed reputation. We are invested by American Borch Finance and Technology Group, Inc., a California State registered corporation, and we are one of the largest MMORPG Service Center in California, USA.

We're located in the United States–unlike other power leveling providers who are located mostly in China. If other providers steal your items or even your account, you have no method of recovery; it is easy for you to locate us. Take comfort in the fact that we only need your game ID and password to level your character; otherwise we would surely go out of business.


While power leveling your character, our master players will only talk to other characters under our control. If we happen to run into someone who is familiar with your character, we indicate that we are a friend or relative playing your character for a little while. You may also let us know of specific replies to make in such situations. We will not under any circumstance reveal the leveling service is underway.

Unparalleled Value

By being a direct service provider, we have flexibility and cost savings that leveling resellers do not have. If your character lacks equipment that will assist the leveling process, our master player will give you guidance and advice on what equipment your character will benefit from once the leveling service has finished. Other sellers that undercut our prices cannot deliver the quality of service that we're known for. Be especially weary of those that advertise a low daily rate, but make up the difference by quoting you more days than necessary to elevate your character to the desired level.

No Hidden Costs

Your character will keep all items and loot acquired during World of Warcraft power leveling service. However, drops and such are often random, so we cannot make any guarantees about what extra items your character will gain from drops. Under normal circumstances, however, you will obtain a fair amount of gold and equipment.

wow gold power leveling world of warcraft
WOW Gold Power Leveling
Chat with us.

Attention: After we received your Paypal payment, we will send an email to your Paypal email, please use your Paypal email to response, and we will ONLY deliver the gold after we received your confirm email from your Paypal email. So, please check your Paypal email. Thanks.

We Only Ship to Paypal Confirmed & Verified Address. No exception, sorry. Money Order, Check and Western Union money transfer is welcomed for both US and international buyers. For non-US buyers, Money order and Western Union Money transfer ONLY. Thanks


Other Payment Options:

Other than Paypal, we also welcome payment from money order, check, Western Union or MoneyGram money transfer, and we are happy to accept credit cards.

1. Money order or Check payment

To send a payment via money order, simply go to your bank or post office and request a money order for the necessary amount. Mail the money order to the following address along with your name, contact information, your email, phone number, your character's server, character's name, faction, and brief details you ordered.

Payable to: American Borch F & T Group, Inc.

American Borch F & T Group, Inc.
PO Box 2331
Union City, CA 94587

2. Western Union or MoneyGram Payment

To send an order via Western Union or MoneyGram, simply go to or and find a local agents near your location. Most of the Walmart Stores in the USA have MoneyGram services. Please make payable to:

Kun Hu
PO Box 2331
Union City, CA 94587

After you've sent your payment, please email us your name, address, phone number, money control number, and your account information to us. After we receive it, we will send a confirmation email back to you with your Order Number.

3. Credit Card Payment

How to pay with credit card without a Paypal account

You can easily use your Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or Discover card by selecting "PayPal" as your payment method.

You will be redirected to the PayPal checkout page, once there you may either login to your PayPal account if you have one or if you do not have a PayPal account simply click the button that says;

"If you do not currently have a PayPal account, Click Here".

You will then be able to enter your credit card information

Pay Us with credit card through our merchant account.

If you do not want to use PayPal to send us your payment, we can also accept credit card through our business merchant account.

We require the following information:

1. A brief description of the order.
2. The amount you are authorizing to be charged.
3. The 16 digit credit card number.
4. The expiry date for the credit card.
5. The billing phone number.
6. The billing address and zip/postal code.
7. The cardholder's name as it appears on the card.
8. The 3 digit CCV/Security code from the back of your credit card.
9. The signature of the cardholder.

Please make sure that all information is legible. And please send the above information to us by fax. The fax is only viewed by the person processing your order.

Fax Number: (510) 494-1858


About AOC Age of Conan Power Leveling Service

WOW Power Leveling is most frequently used in multiplayer games, where it usually refers to a player that is of much greater power assisting a player of much lower power in defeating enemies that are far too powerful for the low level player, but are easily and quickly killed by the more powerful player. Defeating high level challenges rewards the lower level player with experience points more rapidly than normal.

In World of Warcraft BC Powerleveling or WOW BC Power Leveling has become so popular for players looking to quickly advance through the lower and not very exciting levels of the game that a number of profession gaming companies have set up WOW powerleveling or BC power leveling services.

One of the Most reliable and honest WOW Power Leveling sellers is

These companies, for a fee will help you enhance your World of Warcraft character. They log into your account and play your character either for a certain amount of time or until a certain level or objective is achieved. While you character is being leveled you are required not to login to your account. Most offer the following WOW power leveling ( BC powerleveling) services:

  • Customized Packages, you specific what type of character development you are looking for and work with the company to create a package. Usually more expense then pre-defined options.

  • Part Time development, this is done over a set number of hours - 6,12,24,36, or 48. A professional gamer players your character for this set amount of time.

  • Specific development from one level to a higher level. e.g. From level 20 up to 40. You pay a set amount of money for this service and it is done over time, usually with a guaranteed maximum time limited to archive the desired level.

  • Professions development, from Mining to Blacksmithing.

  • Increase your Honor Kills for PvP & PvE servers.

  • DO's & DON'Ts When Buying World of Warcraft Power Leveling Services

When looking for a World of Warcraft power leveling (powerleveling) service make sure they DO NOT have your character do any of the following: employed in Player-Killing, Kill-Stealing, hoarding of farming locations, or any other despicable in-game behavior.

DO make sure they following this: No macros, dupes, game bug exploits, and other such fraudulent methods will never be used. In short, your character will be leveled the safest way possible: by going through the grind.

Where to Buy WOW Powerleveling Services
While their are numerous companies advertising their power leveling (powerleveling) services the only one I recommend is

Visit us today if you want a honest, reliable power leveling seller.





wow gold power leveling world of warcraftwow gold power leveling world of warcraft 



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